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We congratulate Choo Li Lin on being awarded the SAAL Masters’ Thesis Award 2014. The award comes with a $500 cash prize and the possibility of the work presented at a SAAL-organised seminar later in the year 2014-2015. The prize was presented on 20th September, 2014.

Picture: Choo Li Lin (centre) with her supervisor (left) and the SAAL president (right).

Greetings from the 1st MAAL-SAAL Symposium 2014 Secretariat!


Attached is the programme for your reference. It is also available for download on our website: http://www.maalasia.org


A few gentle reminders:


Payment & Registration


1. Registration starts at 8.00-9.00am. 

2. For students (Registered MAAL student members and non-MAAL student members), please bring along proof of your student status in order to be eligible for the MAAL student Member/MAAL-SAAL Symposium student rate.


Parking Space

1. Parking space is made available for the symposium participants at the 12th Residential College, located opposite of the Research Management & Innovation Complex Building. 


We look forward to meeting you this Friday at the University of Malaya!


Best regards, 



Aims of SAAL

  • To provide a means for professionals working in applied linguistics to establish and maintain contact with one another and with recent developments in the field of applied linguistics.
  • To invite specialists in applied linguistics to give talks, lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. to members of the Association.
  • To promote research in applied linguistics.
  • To conduct other activities which may be useful for developing the professional competence of members of the Association.
  • SAAL Constitution




Executive Committee, 2012–2014






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Committee Members

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Financial Adviser

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SAAL Quarterly Editors

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