About SAAL

30th Anniversary Celebration

Aims of SAAL:

    The Singapore Association for Applied Linguistics (SAAL) aims to provide a means for professionals working in applied linguistics to establish and maintain contact with one another and to keep up to date with research and developments in the field of applied linguistics; to invite specialists in applied linguistics to give talks, lectures, seminars, workshops to members of the Association; to promote research in applied linguistics; and to conduct other activities which may be useful for developing the professional competence of members of the Association.​

    SAAL Constitution

    Executive Committee, 2018 – 2020

    Post Office-Holder
    President LOW Ee Ling
    Vice-President Peter TAN
    Secretary Anitha Devi PILLAI
    Asst Secretary Mary ELLIS
    Treasurer Geraldine KWEK
    Asst Treasurer AO Ran
    Committee Members T Ruanni F TUPAS
    Committee Members LIM Beng Soon
    Committee Members SHEK Jo Ann
    Patron HO Wah Kam
    Advisor Anne PAKIR
    Financial Advisor TENG Su Ching