Nominations for AILA EB elections

As the deadline for submitting nominations is approaching I would like to follow up on our previous announcements in July and November last year, and – on behalf of the AILA Nominating Committee – would like to remind you of the fact that AILA – in line with our constitution and by-laws – will be holding elections at the next AILA EB/IC meetings in Rio 2017. Please be reminded that your Association as an AILA affiliate is entitled to nominate one or more candidates for election to the Executive Board (EB) of AILA. The elections will be held at the next AILA World Congress in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in July 2017 during the EBIC meetings immediately before the congress. Elections are for three years, and are held every three years at the AILA International Congress.

Nominations can still be handed in, with the final deadline for submitting nominations set at May 15, 2017. However, in order for the Nominating Committee to be able to act and prepare for the elections, nominations submitted prior to this deadline would be much appreciated. 

Elections will be for the following posts on the AILA EB:
            • a Vice-President
            • a Secretary General
            • a Treasurer
            • a Publications Coordinator
            • a Research Networks Coordinator
            • up to four Members-at-Large.
The nomination process is outlined towards the end of this document.
             • All EB members need to attend all annual meetings of the AILA Executive Board and the International Committee. Since these meetings are related to AILA World Congresses and AILA regionalization projects, they take place in any part of the world.
            • All EB members need to cover their travel expenses over their own networks. AILA cannot cover these costs.
            • Vice-President, Secretary General, and Treasurer spend about a day per week on AILA matters; Publications Coordinator and Research Network half a day.
            • The Vice-President becomes President after the 3-year term, so the election for Vice-President is also an election for the future President of AILA in 2020 and the Past President in 2023. This means a nine years’ commitment to AILA. Presidents are ambassadors of AILA values and its goal to help solve globally salient problems in which language plays a key role. A distinguished position in the field of Applied Linguistics, a global network as a researcher, a convincing personality, and a good sense for diplomacy are indispensable.
            • The Secretary General manages the Association and its internal and external communication. He or she prepares and organizes the annual meetings of the AILA Executive Board and the AILA International Committee. Among other duties, the Secretary General supervises the organization of the triennial AILA World Congresses, such as 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, and 2020 in South Korea. This requires presence on site, organizational competence, as well as skills of professional and intercultural communication.
            • The Treasurer makes sure that the AILA national affiliates pay their membership fees in due time and keeps track of all  AILA incomes and expenses, for example in the context of AILA World Congresses, regionalization projects, and solidarity fundings. Moreover, the treasurer collaborates with the account-holding bank, manages currency exchange issues, ensures that the accumulated funds are allocated to match AILA’s payment maturity requirements. Experience in finance is highly recommended.
            • The Publications Coordinator is responsible for the AILA Review ( and the AILA Applied Linguistics book series ( She or he manages the editorial board of these publications, liaises with authors and publishers, and develops the publications in an increasingly competitive market.
            • The AILA Research Network (ReN) Coordinator chairs the ReN committee and oversees ReN activities, ensures appropriate participation of ReNs in AILA World Congresses and cooperates with the Treasurer to ensure adequate financial support for ReNs. For the present AILA ReNs see
            • All members-at-large assist the President with various tasks, as deemed necessary and appropriate. In addition, each member-at-large assumes responsibilities such as overseeing the news section on website or serving as member of an Editorial Board.

For more a detailed description of these positions, please see the AILA bylaws, § 1, “Duties of the EB Officers:

Please be aware that no officer can hold the same position for more than 3 terms. Current membership of the Board can be found at

Nomination Process:
According to the procedures for election (see attachment), all AILA Affiliate Associations can nominate candidates for these positions. The elections will take place at the EBIC meeting in Rio. Nominations should be sent no later than two months before the date of the election, that is, May 15, 2017 directly to the Nominating Committee ( with a copy to the Secretary General (

Each nomination must be made explicitly for a specific office. It should be accompanied by a 2-page CV of the nominee, a statement of acceptance of the nomination by the nominee, and a statement of approval by the affiliate association of the nominee.

A nominee can be a candidate for more than one office, but once elected to one office, the candidacy in any subsequent elections is automatically withdrawn. For a full account of the procedures see the enclosed attachment.

If you wish your affiliate to be represented on the Executive Board for the next 3 years, this is your chance to suggest possible candidates. For additional information and/or further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note: in order to ensure that any further communication on this reaches your affiliate, please acknowledge receipt of this information by a quick reply to with a copy to, our Secretary General. Much obliged.
I look forward to receiving your nominations for any of the above positions, with my best wishes,
Bernd Rueschoff
Past President of AILA, Chair of Nominating Committee AILA EB

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