XII-th International Students Workshop – Florence, Italy

We invite you and your students to take part in the XII-th International Students Workshop “Linguocultural Space of the City with Special Reference to the Dictionary Project “Florence in the Works of World Famous People” to be held in Florence (Italy) on November 5-12, 2017.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a new type of a dictionary for guides and cultural tourists. The project is aimed at studying Florentine cultural heritage presented in the works of national writers, artists and composers who lived and worked in this marvelous city in different centuries.

Since 2008 we organized 10 workshops of students’ integration and our participants discovered 220 creative persons from 14 countries who visited Florence since the XIV c. up to now. Among them: painters (I. Aivazovsky, A. Dürer, K. Korovin, F. Leighton), writers (W. Shakespeare, F. Dostoevsky, A. Akhmatova, H. Heine, A.G. Matoš), musicians (S. Rachmaninoff, M. Rostropovich, G.F. Händel), scientists (L. Mechnikov, A. Herzen, Y. Vorontsova-Dashkova) and other outstanding figures who’s creative career was inspired by Italian and Florentine spirit and culture.

We have already published 7 issues of the Dictionary.

For further information please contact project coordinator Dr. Ekaterina Grigorieva: greekat@yandex.ru

Looking forward to seeing you in Florence this November.

Best wishes The project Leader
Dr. , Prof. Olga Karpova
Head of English Departmental. Adviser for Public Relations
Ivanovo State University, Russia

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